I say seriously a lot.

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I love the show Weeds.

And I follow Hunter Parrish, who plays Silas, on twitter; but I feel like a creeper when I want to retweet something he said or @ him because we have the same last name and it’s on my twitter username. I don’t want him to see it and think I’m some freaky ass stalker like a belieber or someone freaky like that you know.

I’m just over paranoid. I should lay down.

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I have signed the petition to enact “Caylee’s Law.”

You can go here to do the same, and I hope you will. A case so tragic as this one should never happen again, and I hope by signing this petition laws will be changed so that innocent children’s lives will not have to go without someone being brought to justice as little Caylee’s did.

If I were to go on about how angry I am about this case this post would be as long as War and Peace. I live in Florida so I have watched more media coverage about her and I’ve read a lot about the case. I’ve gotten in plenty of fights with people about this woman, even my best friend, and she isn’t freaking worth the time and the energy.

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So like the idiot I am,

I forgot to put sunscreen on today and then realized 6 hours in so there was no point, and now I’m burnt, nice and crispy. And I have to go to the dermatologist tomorrow for something else and I already know they’re going to take one look at me and bitch at me. I should probably have a mole check. Skin cancer runs in my family, I live in Florida, I’m a lifeguard, and I am constantly outside. I’m bound to get it. And it’s going to be my fault. I just forget. And then I have to get like the good sunscreen and that shits not cheap, and neither is dermatology appointments to get moles cut off.

So everyone out there, do as the lifeguards say and not as they do, and put sunscreen on. :)

Don’t even get me started on the tan lines.

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